Model Test paper DSSSB TGT PGT EXAM

Model Test paper DSSSB TGT PGT EXAM

Part – A
1. Executive is a program _____ helps to manage to operation of computer system
(a) Which (b) That
(c) To (d) This
2. Real time in methods of operation where data observed by computer at the actual time of its occurrence.
(a) has (b) have
(c) had (d) is
3. There ______world wide networks linking universities and scientific establishments
(a) have been (b) has been
(c) are (d) is
4. Energetic
(a) Dull (b) Tired
(c) Weary (d) Lifeless
5. Tasty
(a) Sour (b) Bitta
(c) Insipid (d) invigorating
Answers: 1-b, 2-d, 3-c, 4-c, 5-c
Part -B
General knowledge
1. How many satellites Jupiter has
(a) 47 (b) 27
(c) 13 (d) 63
2. Second layer of surface of earth from top is
(a) Trosphere (b) Ionosphere
(c) Stratosphere (d) Mesosphere
3. A new born baby has ___in number bones:
(a) 206 (b) 300
(c) 186 (d) 280
4. Who developed first calculating machine which later gave foundation of modern computer technology?
(a) Babbage Charles (b) Andrew Charles
(c) Billgates (d) Arybhatta
5. Rovers Cup is associated with which game
(a) Golf (b) Football
(c) Billiards (d) Table tennis
Answer: 1-d, 2-c, 3-b, 4-a, 5-b
Part –C
General Intelligence
1, Punjab: Punjab :: ————-Telgu
(a) Tamilnadu (b) Andhra Pradesh
(c) Kerla (d) Karnataka
2. Choose the odd number
(a) 15-4 (b) 120-11
(c) 168-13 (d) 142-12
3. If “LIFE” is coded as MHHC then “GLASS” will be coded?
4. If “HUNT” is written as PLZK and GRILL is written as SMXX then how “LIGHT” will be written
5. If Anju starts to travel facing west and walk 6 Km then she took right turn and walk 3 km. Then she took left turn and walk 1 km and again she takes left turn and walk 3 km. Now what is the distance and in which direction she is walking.
(a) 13 km, South (b) 7 km, South
(c) 7 km West (d) 13 km West
Answer: 1-b, 2-d, 3-a, 4-b, 5-c,
Part – D
1. A mother is 6 times as old as to her daughter, but 6 years ago she was 8 times old to her daughter. What is the present age of daughter?
(a) 124 (b) 126
(c) 21 (d) 26
2, If 16% of number is 64, then the number is?
(a) 400 (b) 720
(c) 800 (d) 640
3. The average marks obtained by x, y & z are 84. The average marks of x and y is 78 and the average marks of y and z are 85. Find the marks of z.
(a) 74 (b) 96
(c) 82 (d) 78
4. If a boy scored 76% marks, but in result by mistake it was written 67%. The difference was of 468 marks. Find the original marks obtained by the boy.
(a) 5200 (b) 3484
(c) 4800 (d) 3952
5. Inner circumference of 15 cm wide tyre is 220 cm, Find the radius of full tyre.
(a) 35 (b) 45
(c) 50 (d) 55
Answers.1-c, 2-a, 3-b, 4-d, 5-c,
Part – E
1. You find that in your class, a group of students are not obeying you. What will be your reaction?
(a) Avoid the students (b) Punish them
(c) Complaint to parents/Principal (d) Speak and convince them
2. You have a brilliant student who is very good at studies but not taking part in curricular activities. What will you do?
(a) Appreciate him (b) Avoid him
(c) Inform parents/Principal (d) Convince him by counseling
3. In your class you came to know that the mother of one student is expired. What will be your behavior with that student in class?
(a) Behave in a way that you are not aware of anything
(b) Speak with that student about his mother
(c) Avoid him
(d) Try to make that student normal in class.
4. In the class you come to know that a student wants to work part time to give his school fees. What will be your action?
(a) Pay his school fees
(b) By collecting donation from others
(c) Avoid him
(d) Make him understand about the consequences and inform his parents.
5. On a school education trip, a student get hurted, what will be your action?
(a) After first aid send him back to school
(b) Inform the parents and Principal and take him to nearest hospital
(c) Shout for help from others
(d) Cancel the trip and come back to school.
Answers: 1-d, 2-d, 3-d, 4-d. 5-b

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