SSC Tax. Assistant Examination Solved 2007 Paper

1.A pond of water appears less deep due to
(a) reflection
(b) diffraction
(c) refraction
(d) polarisation
Ans: c
2.Newton’s 1st law of motion gives the concept of
(a) energy
(b) work
(c) momentum
(d) inertia
Ans: d
3.‘Therm’ is the unit of
(a) power
(b) heat
(c) light
(d) distance
Ans: b
4.Which of the following organisms is most likely to produce greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide and methane?
(a) Fungi
(b) Earthworm
(c) Bacteria
(d) Green plants
Ans: c
5.The sensation of weightlessness in a spacecraft in an orbit is due to the
(a) absence of gravity outside
(b) acceleration in the orbit which is equal to the acceleration due to gravity outside
(c) presence of gravity outside but not inside the spacecraft
(d) fact that spacecraft in the orbit has no energy
6.Which mixture of gases is mainly stored as a liquid under pressure in LPG cylinder?
(a) Methane and Ethane
(b) Ethane and Hexane
(c) Propane and Butane
(d) Hexane and Octane
Ans: c
7.Which gas is used as fire extinguisher?
(a) Carbon dioxide
(b) Carbon monoxide
(c) Carbon suboixde
(d) Sulphur dioxide
Ans: a
8.The only age of India found in hill forests of Assam and Nagaland is
(a) Orangutan
(b) Gibbon
(c) Chimpanzee
(d) Gorilla
Ans: b
9.Which one of the following is related to Silviculture?
(a) Culture of Hilsa
(b) Culture of silver carp
(c) Culture of oil-producing plants
(d) Forests crops
Ans: d
10.Which one of the following does not secrete any digestive enzyme?
(a) Liver
(b) Salivery gland
(c) Glands of small intestine
(d) Pancreas
Ans: a
11.Which of the following creatures has maximum number of ribs?
(a) Crocodile
(b) Snake
(c) Ray fish
(d) Flying mammal
Ans: b
12.Which one of the following is not a plantation crop?
(a) Tea
(b) Coffee
(c) Rubber
(d) Sugarcane
Ans: d
13.In our Constitution, Economic Planning is included in
(a) Union list
(b) State list
(c) Concurrent list
(d) Not any specified list
Ans: c
14.The authority which is not established by the constitutional provisions is
(a) Finance Commission
(b) Planning Commission
(c) UPSC
(d) Election Commission
Ans: b
15.A parachute descends slowly whereas a stone dropped from the same height falls rapidly, because
(a) stone is heavier then parachute
(b) special mechanisms are present in parachute
(c) a parachute has a larger surface area and air resistance is more
(d) None of these
Ans: c

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