1. Who hit the first century of IPL?
Brendon Mccullam who scored first century in the first match of IPL against Banglore Royal Challengers. He scored 156 runs from only 73 balls, which included 13 sixes and 10 fours.

2. The first century of second version of IPL at South Africa came from?
Ab Devilliers(Delhi Dare Devils)

3. First Six of IPL-09 by?
Abhishek Nayar of Mumbai Indians

4. First super over to determine the winners is used in the match between?

Kolkatta Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals, Rajasthan Royals won that match.

5. First Hatrick of IPL-09 is by?
Yuvraj singh

6. First Four of IPL 2009 is hit by?
Sanath Jayasurya

7. First Man of the match of IPL ?
Brendon Mccullam

8. First Man of the Match of IPL-09?
Sachin Tendulkar

9. First super over of IPL is bowled by?
Kamran Khan, Rajasthan Royals

10. 1000th boundary of IPL 2009 is hit by?
Ab Devilliers against Sreesanth of Mohali Kings IX

11. Only player who took two Hatricks in IPL-2009?
Yuvraj Singh

12. The player other than Yuvraj who made hatrik in IPL-2009?
Rohit Sarma

13. First wicket of IPL 09-Thilan Thushara

14. Orange Cap Holder of DLF IPL 2009(It is given for the player who is the leading run scorer in the match.)?

Mathew Hayden of Chennai Super Kings. He scored 572 runs

15. Orange Cap Holder of DLF IPL 2008?

Shaun Marsh(616 Runs)

16. Purple Cap holder of DLF IPL 2009(It is given for the player who is the leading wicket taker in the match)

R.P.Singh(23 Wickets)

17. Purple Cap holder of DLF IPL 2008?

Sohail Tanvir(22 Wickets)

18. Highest Team Total of IPL 2009?

211 runs by Rajasthan Royals

19. Highest Team Total of IPL-2008?

240 Runs by Chennai Super Kings

20. The only Indian who hit a century in IPL?

Maneesh Pandey (114 Not Out) of Banglore Royal challangers
Only two players have century in IPL-2009, the other is Ab Devilliers(105 Not Out) of Delhi Dare Devils

21. How many players hit century in IPL-2008?

6 Players.
They are
1.Brendon Mccullam(158*)
2.Mike Hussey(116)
3.Andrew Symonds(117*)
4.Shaun Marsh(115)
5.Sanath Jayasurya(114)
6.Adam Gilchrist(109)
22. First match of IPL is between ?

Bangalore Royal Challengers and Kolkata Knight Riders

23. Teams and their Owners:
MUMBAI INDIAN – Mumbai – Mukesh Ambani
ROYAL CHALLANGERS – Bangalore – Vijay Mallya
HYDERABAD DECCAN CHARGERS -Hyderabad – Deccan Chronicle
CHENNAI SUPER KINGS Chennai – India Cements
DELHI DAREDEVILS-Delhi – GMR Infrastructure
MOHALI KINGS XI PUNJAB-Mohali – Preity Zinta
KOLKATA KNIGHT RIDERS -Kolkata – Shahrukh Khan
JAIPUR RAJASTHAN ROYALS-Jaipur – Emerging media

24. The team which have come roaring from the bottom of the table in the first season of the Indian Premier League to be crowned champions in IPL-2

Deccan Chargers

25. The player who hit maximum number of sixes in IPL-09?

Adam Gilchrist(29 Sixes)

26. The batsman who hit maximum number of fours in IPL-09?

Mathew Hayden(60 Fours)

27. The player who hit maximum number of sixes in IPL-08?

Sanath Jayasuriya of Mumbai Indians (31 Sixes)

28. The batsman who hit maximum number of fours in IPL-08?

Gambhir with 68 fours

29. First IPL is won by?
Rajasthan Royals (Captain-Shane Warne)
In the final they beat Chennai super kings)

30. IPL-2009 is held in ?

South Africa

31. IPL-2009 is won by ?
Deccan Chargers, they beat Bangalore Royal Challengers in the final.

32. Man of the match in the final of IPL-2009 ?

Anil Kumble(16 /4 in 4 overs)

33. Semi final teams of IPl-2009?

Delhi Dare Devils, Chennai Super Kings, Bangalore Royal Challengers, Deccan Chargers.
34. Who is selected as the Player of the tournament in IPL-09?

Adam Gilchrist

35. Man of the match in the final of IPL-2008 ?
Yusuf Pathan, 56 Runs & 3 Wickets

36. Semi final teams of IPl-2008?

Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Mohali Kings XII Punjab, Delhi Dare Devils

37. Who is selected as the Player of the tournament in IPL-08?

Man of the Series
Shane Watson – 474 Runs & 17 Wickets

38. Kingfisher Fair Play Award of IPL-2008 is won by?

Chennai Super Kings

39. Kingfisher Fair Play Award of IPL-2009 is won by?

Mohali Kings XI Punjab

40. The team which positions the last spot in both Fair play award and winning points standings of IPL-2009?

Kolkata Knight Riders

41. The team that plunged to the lowest Indian Premier League total (i.e 58 runs)?

Rajasthan Royals against Bangalore Royal Challengers

42. The lowest Team total of IPL-2008?

67 Runs,

Kolkata Knight Riders were bundled out for 67 in 15.2 overs against Mumbai Indians.

43. Most number of Man of the Match awards in IPL-2008 won by?

Shaun Marsh, Mohali Kings XI Punjab

44. The three batsmen who aggregated 500 plus runs in the first version of IPL?.

Shaun Marsh (616),
Delhi Daredevils’ Gautam Gambhir (534)
Mumbai Indians’ Sanath Jayasuriya (514)

45. Who holds the record of most number of sixes in an innings in IPL-08?

Brendon Mc Cullum

46. Which team conceded most number of extras in IPL-2008?

Kolkatta Knight Riders , 28 Extras against Deccan Chargers.

47. Highest Partnership for any wicket in IPL is between?

Adam Gilchrist and V.V.S.Laxman, partnership of 155* runs against Mumbai Indians in IPL-08

48. Most catches in an innings of IPL is taken by?
Sachin Tendulkar (4 catches against Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL-08)

49. Most number of catches in IPL2008 is taken by?
Suresh Raina (10 Catches)

50. Highest Partnership in IPL-09 is between which players?

NV Ojha, GC Smith, of Rajasthan Royals (135 Runs) against Punjab

51. Which team conceded most number of extras in IPL-2009?
Chennai Super Kings, 26 extras against Mumbai Indians

52. Who became the first player to take a hat-trick in the Indian Premier League?

Laxmipathy Balaji of Chennai Super Kings against Punjab Kings XI in IPL-08

He took 5 wickets for 24 runs in his four over spell.

53. List of Players who took Hat-tricks in IPL.

Laxmipathy Balaji(2008)
Amit Mishra(2008)
Makhaya Ntini((2008)
Yuvraj Singh(2 Hat-tricks in 2009)
Rohit Sarma(2009)

Olympics Quiz, Olympic Questions and Answers

1. What is the Slogan of Modern Olympics?

Ans:- “Faster, Higher, Stronger” (In Latin Language, “Citius, Altius, Fortius”)

2. First Modern Olympics held in the year ?

Ans:-1896 in Athens (Greece)

3. How many medals India got in the First Olympic game in 1896?

Ans:- No medal

4. Which country bags the first place in medal list of the first Olympic game in Athens ?


5 Only in one Olympics, Cricket was also included as a competition. Which year?

Ans:-In 1900 Olympics held in Paris. In that game England beat France by 156 Runs and won the gold medal.

6. In the last Olympics held in 2004, how many medals have India got?

Ans:-Only one Silver Medal (Rajya Vardhan Singh Rathod got silver for Double Trap Shooting)

7 In which Olympics, India got her first Olympic medal?

Ans:- Olympic Game held in 1900 in Paris , India got 2 Silver medals and bags the 17th spot

8. Who got maximum Olympic medals in the history of Olympics?

Ans:- Larissa Latynina of Soviet Union . She got 18 Medals (9 Golds, 5 siver, 4 Bronze) from three games from 1956 onwards.

9. Which Olympian got maximum Gold medals in the history of Olympic games?

Ans:- Michael Fred Phelps , an American swimmer got 14 gold medals and a total of 16 medals.(2 Bronze) He got 8 gold medals in the recent Beijing olympics in 2008.

9. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was founded in the year ?


11. How many events and sports in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Ans: – 302 events in 28 sports.

12. What is the distance of the marathon race in the Olympics?

Ans: 26 miles 385 yards or 42.19 km.

13. The only olympian who dead because of the side effects of doping ?

Ans: – Danish cyclist Knud Enemark Jensen in 1960 Rome games

14.The Indian Olympic Association was formed in the year ?

Ans: – 1927

15.The current president of Indian Olympic Association ?

Ans: – Suresh Kalmadi

16.In Which Olympics Leander Paes got Bronze medal for Men’s Singles Tennis ?

Ans: – 1996 Atlanta

17. Who has won the maximum number of gold medals at a single Olympic Games in the history of the Olympics?

Ans: – Michael Fred Phelps of the USA won eight swimming gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

18. The mascots of Beijing Olympics 2008 are?

Ans: – The five Fuwa, each representing both a colour of the Olympic rings and a symbol of Chinese culture.

19. The official logo of Beijing Olympics 2008 is ?

Ans: – “Dancing Beijing,” features a stylised calligraphic character jīng, meaning capital, referring to the host city.

20. The 2008 Summer Paralympic Games, will be held in ?

Ans: – Beijing, China from September 6 – 17, 2008

21. First Youth Olympic Games will be held in

Ans: -Singapore in 2010

22. What is Olympic cup ?

Ans: – The Olympic Cup is an award given annually by the International Olympic Committee. It was instituted by Pierre de Coubertin in 1906 and is awarded to an institution with a record of merit and integrity in developing the Olympic Movement.

23. Who was disqualified after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs at the men’s 100 meters in 1988?

Ans: -Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis was awarded the gold medal later for the same event.

24. When were the winter and Summer Olympics last held in the same year?

Ans: -1992

25. What was awarded to Olympic champions during ancient times?

Ans: – Crown of wild olives.

25. How often were the ancient Olympic Games held?

Ans: – 4 years

26. In which Olympic the first Olympic Torch was lighted?

Ans: – Amsterdam

27. Who designed the Olympic Flag?

Ans: – Piere de Coubertin

28. Who was the Greek god honored by the Ancient Olympic Games?

29. In which Olympic the women first took part?

France in 1900

30. Where is the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee, the IOC?


Indian Cricket Quiz, Fascinating Facts about Indian Cricket.

1. Who is known as the father of Indian Cricket ?
              K.S.Renjith Singji

2. Who was the first Captain of Indian Cricket Team ?

3. “One More Over is a book” written by

4. The Captain who lead India to her first test victory?
               Vijay Hazare

5. Where is “Chepauk Ground” situated ?

6. Who was the first batsman to score three centuries at Lord’s?
               Dilip Vengsarkar

7. The only team to be dismissed twice in a single day of test match.

8. Who was the first Indian batsman to hit a century on debut against England in England?
               Abbas Ali Baig

9. The first Indian batsman to bat on all five days of a Test.

10. The only Indian cricketer who have won four successive Man of the Match awards in One-day Internationals.
               Sourav Ganguly

11. The only player in the history of Test cricket to score a century in each of his first three test matches.
               Mohammed Azharruddin

12. Who holds the unique distinction of being the only bowler to dismiss Don Bradman courtesy of a hit-wicket?
               Lala Amarnath

13. Who was sent back home from the tour of England in1936 due to disciplinary reasons.
               Lala Amarnath

14. The Indian Batsman who batted in all positions from 1-11.
               Vinoo Mankad

15. The first batsman declared run out by a third umpire decision in the history of cricket?
               Sachin Tendulkar

16. “Straight from the Heart” is a book written by
               Kapil Dev

17. Green Park Cricket Stadium is in

18. The first Batsman to score a triple century for India ?
               Veerender Sehwag against Pakistan

19. The first Indian bowler to take Hatric in a World Cup Cricket Match ?
               Chethan Chauhan against New Zealand.

20. BCCI formed in the year?

21. Wankhede stadium is located in?

22. Sachin played his first One day international against which Country?
               Pakistan on 18 December 1989

23. Which Indian cricketer is known as “Brown Bradman”
               Sunil Gavaskar

24. Who was the first Indian to take 16 wickets in a single test match?
               Narendra Hirwani

25. Who is the first Indian Batsman to cross 10000 runs in Tests?
               Sunil Gavaskar

26. Who was the captain of the Under-19 Cricket team who won the World Cup in March-2008?
               Virat Kohli

27. Yuvraj Singh smashed whom for six sixes in the first Twenty20 world championship?
               Stuart Broad

28. Which English player smashed Yuvraj Singh for 5 sixes in an over in the one day tournament held in England?
               Dimitri Mascarenhas

29. Kapil Dev Played his first test match in the year?
               1978 Against Pakistan at Faisalabad.

30. Against which team did Virender Sehwag make his one day international debut?
               Pakistan on Fool’s Day, 1999 at Chandigarh. He scored only 1 run and Pakistan won the match by 7 wickets.

31. Who was the 1st president of BCCI ( Board of Control for Cricket in India )?
               R.E. Grant Govan was president from 1928-29 to1932-33.

32. Tendulkar made his first One day century against?
               Australia on September 9, 1994 at Colombo in Sri Lanka

33. The 1984-85 seasons, 2nd ODI between India and Pakistan at Sialkot- India were 210/3 with Vengsarkar 94*. Match abandoned. Why?
               That match was abandoned after hearing the news of Indira Gandhi being killed

34. The famous spinner who made his test debut against India at Sydney, in 1992 ?
               Shane Warne.

35. India’s Lowest Total in One Day International Cricket was against which country?
               India scored only 54 runs against Sri Lanka in Sharjah on the 29th of Oct 2000.

36. What is India’s highest ODI innings total against Sri Lanka?
               373 for 6 at Tauntan, England, on May 26, 1999.

37. What is Sri Lanka’s lowest ODI innings total against India?
               96 all out at Sharjah on April 8, 1984.

38. Who is the only cricketer to have played for England and India?
               The Nawab Of Pataudi (Senior)

39. The highest number of catches taken by a non-wicketkeeper in an entire Test for India?
               Yajurvindra Singh (India) at Bangalore, 1976-77

40.Which county did Sachin Tendulkar play for?

41.Which Indian bowler claimed his 300th one-day international wicket against Netherlands in a pool-a match of the 2003 world cup?
               Javagal Srinath

42.Where did India play its 1st one day international match?
               Headingley on 13/07/1974, India lost the match by four wickets.

43.Who was the 1st ODI captain for India?
               Ajit Wadekar

44.Where did the 1st ODI match was played in India?

45.Who was the first captain of Indian Test team?
               C K Nayudu

46.What is the middle name of Sourav Ganguly?

47.How many runs did Sachin Tendulkar was scored in his ODI debut?
               Master Blaster is out for a DUCK, against Pakisthan on 18 December 1989.

48.Who was the man of the match of the 1983 World Cup Final ?
               Mohinder Amarnath.

49.Who was named India’s Cricketer of the Century by Wisden?
               Kapil Dev

50.Which Indian batsman was the first to hit 44 fours in a test match innings?