India- भारत का राष्ट्रपति

हम यहाँ पर भारत के राष्ट्रपति के बारे जानकारी हासिल करेंगे |
1 . यह देश का प्रथम नागरिक होता है |
2 . इसकी संवेधानिक स्थिति ब्रिटेन की महारानी के समान होती है |
3 .राष्ट्रपति  के बारे में संविधान के अनुच्छेद 52 -62 में प्रावधान किया गया है |
4 . योग्यता :
-भारत का नागरिक होना चाहिए |
– 35 वर्ष की आयु पूरी कर चुका हो |
– किसी लाभकारी पद पर आसीन नहीं होना चाहिए |
– किसी निर्वाचन क्षेत्र में उसका नाम हो और लोकसभा सदस्य बनाने की योग्यता रखता हो |
– कम से कम 50 प्रस्तावक हो और 50 निर्वाचकों द्वारा अनुमोदन किया जाना चाहिए |
– जमानत राशी 15000 रूपये ( यदि किसी उम्मीदवार को 1 /6 भाग मत प्राप्त न हो तो जमानत जब्त कर ली जताई है |)
5. राष्ट्रपति के चुनाव में लोकसभा, राज्य सभा और विधान सभाओं के निर्वाचित सदस्य भाग लेते है |
6 . चुनाव प्रचार अवधि २ सप्ताह होती है |
7 . चुनाव प्रक्रिया :
– इसका चुनाव एकल संक्रमणिय मत प्रणाली के अधर पर होता है |
– इसमें जितने उम्मेदवार कहदे होते है उनको वरीयता के अधर पर वोट दिया जाता है |
– जो उम्मीदवार 50 % से अधिक मतों का कोटा प्राप्त कर लेता है उसे निर्वाचित घोषित कर दिया जाता है |
– यदि किसी भी उम्मीदवार को 50 % से कम वोट मिलते है तो दूसरी वरीयता के आधार पर निर्वाचन किया जाता है |
– 1969 में व्. व्. गिरी को दूसरी वरीयता के अधर पर निर्वाचित किया गया |
8 . निर्वाचन सम्बंधित विवाद सर्वोच्च न्यायालय हल करता है |
9 . राष्ट्रपति  को सपथ सर्वोच्च न्यायालय का मिख्या न्यायाधीश दिलाता है |
10 . निवास स्थान: दिल्ली की रायसीना पहाड़ी पर स्थित राष्ट्रपति  भवन जिसका नक्शा 1911 में एड़विन लुटविन  द्वारा बनाया गया  इसे पहले वायसरिगल लाज कहा जाता था जिसमे रहने वाले प्रथम व्यक्ति लार्ड इरविन थे |
11 . वेतन : 100000 रूपये मासिक
12 . पेंसन : 50 ,000 रूपये मासिक
13 . राष्ट्रपति  उप-राष्ट्रपति  को अपना त्याग पत्र सोंपता है |
14 . कार्यकाल : राष्ट्रपति  का कार्यकाल 5 वर्ष होता है |
15 . यद्यपि कोई व्यक्ति कितनी ही बार राष्ट्रपति  पद ग्रहण कर सकता है पर परंपरा के अनुसार कोई व्यक्ति दो बार  से अधिक राष्ट्रपति  नहीं बन सकता |

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Economy Current Affairs Quiz/Questions-Answers August 2011, August 22-August 28

Taking the Economy Current Affairs Quiz will test as well as enhance your knowledge on economy related issues. Moreover the Economy Current Affairs Quiz for August 2011 will help you in the preparation for different competitive examination like that of Bank PO, MBA, NABARD, RBI, Railway, SSC, Civil Services Exam etc.
1. 1.    A study titled Being five star in productivity — road map for excellence in Indian banking was released FICCI-IBA-BCG on 22 August 2011, the eve of IBA-FICCI annual banking conference. Which of the facts related to the report stated below are not true?
   2.    India’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth will make the Indian banking industry third largest in the world by 2025.
   3.    The report highlighted that banks have to strive for excellence on three dimensions: branch sales and service, new channels and lean operations
   4.    Indian banks deploy 62 per cent of staff in customer facing roles as against the benchmark of 82 per cent observed by BCG globally.
   5.    Indian banks, the report mentioned were to be doing well overall with industry cost-income ratio below 50 per cent.
   a.    1 & 3
   b.    Only 3
   c.    Only 2
   d.    3 & 4
Answer: (c)

2.  According to the data released by the Life Insurance Council on 22 August 2011, the life insurance industry witnessed a decline of what percent in its total premium collections for the quarter ended June 2011?
a.    3.8%
b.    4.2%
c.    6.1%
d.    5%
Answer:  (d)

3.  According to a study Private Cloud Landscape in India released by EMC Corporation and Zinnov Management Consulting, a management consulting firm in July 2011, what will be the value of the cloud market in India by 2015?
a.    $ 4.5 billion
b.    $6 billion
c.    $ 5.6 billion
d.    $ 9 billion
Answer: (a)

4.  Which of the following bodies estimated IT companies would continue to grow globally at 16-18 per cent in 2011-12 despite the economic crisis in the U.S. and European markets?
a.    FICCI
c.    CII
Answer: (b)

Food inflation rose to what percent for the week ended August 13 on the back of dearer onions, potatoes, fruits and protein-based items?
a.    9%
b.    9.3%
c.    9.80%
d.    10%
Answer: (c)

Sports Current Affairs Quiz have been drafted to test your knowledge about the recent sports events. Sports Current Affairs Quiz for August 2011 will help you increase your knowledge of the different sports events which are organised around the world. Taking the Sports current affairs Quiz, you will enhance your knowledge of sports and crack questions in the sports section of all competitive exams.
1.    Who won the ATP’s Cincinnati Masters title for the second time on 21 August 2011 after defeating World No. 1 Novak Djokovic 6-4, 3-0?
a.    Roger Federer
b.    Andy Murray
c.    Rafael Nadal
d.    Robin Soderling
Answer: (b)

2.     Name the Indian tennis dup who won the doubles title at the ATP’s Cincinnati Masters.
a.    Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi
b.    Leander Paes and Somdev Devvarman
c.    Rohan Bopanna and Somdev Devvarman
d.    Mahesh Bhupathi and Rohan Bopanna
Answer: (a)

3.     Which Sri Lankan bowler became the first bowler to take three one-day international hat tricks as Sri Lanka registered a four-wicket consolation win against Australia in the fifth one-day international on 22 August 2011?
a.    Lasith Malinga
b.    Kumar Sangakkara
c.    Upul Tharanga
d.    Ajantha Mendis
Answer: (a)

4.     Which of the following Veteran Indian footballers who made his made his debut as a substitute in the 1995 Nehru Cup in Calcutta announced his retirement from international soccer on 24 August 2011?
a.    Basudeb Mondal
b.    Rennedy Singh
c.    Baichung Bhutia
d.    IM Vijayan
Answer: (c)

5.     Name the founder member of the Nehru Hockey Society who died on 23 August 2011.
a.    Shiv Kumar Verma
b.    Kukoo Walia
c.    Brig HJS Chimni
d.    Amrit Bose
Answer: (a)

Quizzes on the Current Affairs section are designed to cover the wide range of national issues, international events, and other information from different segments which are of general human interest. Taking the Current Affairs Quiz for August 2011  will update you on the latest incidents that the world is talking about. The quizzes on Current Affairs will equip you to take all competitive examinations as well.
1.  Which one of the following countries offered additional 10000 seats for Haj 2011 to India?
a) Saudi Arabia
b) Libya
c) Yemen
d) Iran
Answer: (a) Saudi Arabia

North Korea agreed to start international talks on denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. This was agreed during the visit of North Korean leader Kim Jong Ii to__.
a) Russia
b) China
c) UK
d) South Korea
Answer:  (a) Russia

3.    India, on 24 August 2011 signed (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement) with which one of the following countries?
a) Georgia
b) Sri Lanka
c) Pakistan
d) UK
Answer: (a) Georgia

Study published by market research firm Gartner projected worldwide business process outsourcing (BPO) market to grow by what percent in the Asia-Pacific during the year 2011?
a.    17.9%
b.    15%
c.    11.12%
d.    6.3%
Answer: (a)

5.  Name the Indian photographer who was declared the ‘Grand Prix’ winner among 60,000 entries in the 33 year old Nikon Photo Contest International.
a.    Raghubir Singh
b.    Vikram Bawa
c.    Ayesha Soni
d.    Debarshi Duttagupta
AnsWer: (d)

Quizzes on the India Current Affairs section are designed to cover the wide range of national issues and other informations related to India from different segments which are of general human interest. Taking the India Current Affairs Quiz for August 2011 will update you on the latest incidents that occured in India. The quizzes on India Current Affairs will equip you to take all competitive examinations as well.
1.  1.    Noted historian and indologist RS Sharma died on 20 August 2011. Which of the facts related to him that is stated below is not true?
    2.    He was particularly known for his trenchant observations on institutions in ancient Indian society and his report on the Bihar-Bengal boundary dispute.
    3.    He was the founding chairman of the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) in 1970.
    4.     He also served as President of the Indian History Congress in 1975
    5.    He was a recipient of the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru Award in 1989 and was earlier awarded the Campbell Memorial Gold Medal by the Bombay Asiatic Society in 1987.
    a.    2 & 3
    b.    Only 1
    c.    Only 4
    d.    Only 2
Answer: (d)

2.  This veteran trade unionist and Communist Party of India-Marxist Politburo member who served the trade union movement as a Secretary of the AITUC in the 1960s and then as one of the key leaders of the CITU of which he became the General Secretary from 1990 to 1999 and then its President till 2010 died on 20 August 2011. Identify him.
a.    Madhukar Kashinath Pandhe
b.    K Varadarajan
c.    Mohd.Amin
d.    Manik Sarkar
Answer: (a)

3.  Which Former Indian No 2 snooker player who was India No.2 in snooker for three years from 1980 passed away on 20 August 2011.
a.    Ashok Shandilya
b.    Geet Sethi
c.    Michael Ferreira
d.    Sayed Habib
Answer: (d)

4.   In which one of the following states the Centre has launched an ambitious programme called Himayat?
a) Jammu and Kashmir
b) Haryana
c) Himachal Pradesh
d) Punjab
Answer:  (a) Jammu and Kashmir

5.   Which one of the following state governments sanctioned 95 thousand 599 posts of teachers?
a)  Madhya Pradesh
b) Haryana
c) Bihar
d) Punjab
Answer:  (a) Madhya Pradesh

6.   Jharkhand government on 23 August 2011 approved a draft of Right to Service Act 2011.  What is the capital of Jharkhand?
a) Ranchi
b) Patna
c) Bhagalpur
d) Dhanbad
Answer: (a) Ranchi

Science Current Affairs Quiz test the participant’s knowledge on latest discoveries, technological advancements made and in the process further enhances an individual’s knowledge base. The quizzes also cover the Environment-Ecology segment. Number of questions is asked from this segment in the competitive exams. Current Affairs Science quiz for August 2011  will help you in the preparation for NDA, CDS, Bank PO, MBA, NABARD, RBI, Railway, SSC, Civil Services and other Exams.
1.     The Scientists found the origin of El Tor in the Bay of Bengal. Consider the following statements on El Tor.
i)    El Tor is a highly virulent and deadly form of cholera strain.
ii)     It was first discovered in Bangladesh in 2006.
Choose the right option:
a)    Both i and ii are correct.
b)    Only i is correct.
c)    Only ii is correct.
d)    Neither i nor ii is correct.
Answer:  (a) Both i and ii are correct.

2.   Scientists discovered a cheap and effective way to prevent transmission of dengue fever. They infected mosquitoes with bacterium that blocks development of the dengue virus. Dengue fever is also known as___.
a) Breakbone Fever
b) Yellow Fever
c) Pyrexia
d) Hyperthermia
Answer:  (a) Breakbone Fever

3.   A group of researchers estimated that __ million species exist on Earth.
a) 8.7
b) 8.6
c) 8.3
d) 8.2
Answer:  (a) 8.7

4.   China Completed a Comprehensive Satellite Study of Brahmaputra and Indus Rivers. The study shows that Indus River is ____ long.
a) 3600 km
b) 3700 km
c) 3800
d) 3900
Answer: (a) 3600 km

5.   The Australian and British Geologists found evidence of the oldest known fossils of life on Earth. The sulfur-based microbes they discovered are ___billion years old.
a) 3.4
b) 2.4
c) 2.2
d) 1.2
Answer: (a) 3.4







Corporate Current Affairs Quiz/Questions-Answers August 2011, August 22-August 28

Taking the Corporate Current Affairs Quiz will test as well as enhance your knowledge of major corporate events. The corporate quiz for August 2011 will make you better prepared to face competitive examinations like that of Bank PO, NABARD, RBI, LIC, Civil Services, MBA etc.
1.    Which luxury car maker launched a new version of its sports utility vehicle Q5, priced at Rs 35.13 lakh on 23 August 2011?
a.    Audi India
b.    Opel
c.    Porsche
d.    Mercedes-Benz
Answer: (a)

2.     Which Indian auto-maker Tata Motors launched the new version of its premium hatchback, the Vista on 23 August 2011?
a.    Mahindra & Mahindra
b.    Tata Motors
c.    Maruti
d.    Bajaj Auto
Answer: (b)

3.     Silicon Valley legend Steve Jobs resigned as chief executive of Apple Inc on 24 August 2011. In which year was Apple founded?
a.    1970
b.    1973
c.    1975
d.    1976
Answer: (d)

Which pharmaceutical company entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Universal Medicare’s marketing and distribution business in India?
a.    Dr Reddy’s
b.    Aventis Pharma
c.    Cipla
d.    Ranbaxy
Answer: (b)

This provider of information technology consulting, and business process outsourcing services, was selected by the U.K. Financial Services Authority (FSA) to be a key supplier of solutions as part of its Strategic Outsourcing Framework Agreement (SOFA). Identify the company.
a.    Cognizant
b.    Infosys
c.    IBM
d.    Tech Mahindra
Answer: (a)

current gk

India ki Tat-Rekha ki lambai- 6100 KM.
Ghaghar nadi ka Paat ‘Naali’ kahlata hai.
Raj. mein Chandan k forest kin Districts mein h?
“Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Rajsamand”
Sagwan k Forest kahan?
“Baran, Banswara”
Nepanagar(MP) kis Udyog k liye famous hai?
“Akhbari Kagaz”
Kanpur kis Udyog k liye Famous hai?
“Chamda Udyog”
Loksabha Adhyaksh apna tyagpatra kise sambhodhit karta h?
“Loksabha Upadhyaksh ko”
India ki sima mein ekmatra sakriya Jwalamukhi?
“Bairan Dweep”
Jodhpur Aurved University ka naam badal kar kiske naam par rakha gaya h?
“Srwapalli Radhakrishnan”
Kakori Rail Daketi kaand kab hua?
20th Asian Athletics Champ. 2013 kahan hona prastavit h?
“New Delhi”
Samudra k upar sabse lambe pul(48KM) ka nirman kis desh ne kiya h?
First Indian girl to win the British Junior Squash title – Joshna Chinappa.
‘Durand Cup’ & ‘Santosh Trophy’ kis khel se related hai?
Raj. Akshya Urja Nigam ki sthapana kab hui?
Kewaladeo Pakshi Abhyaranya kis NH par sthit hai?
Bengu Kisaan Andolan ka Netratwa kisne kiya?
“Ramnarayan Choudhary”
World ka smallest Ocean?
“Arctic Ocean”
India ka biggest Handloom Kendra-Kishangarh(Ajmer).
Beneshwar Mahadeo(Dungarpur) india ka only temple h jahan khandit Shivling ki puja hoti hai.
World ka 1st artificial Satellite-Sputnik-I, Launched by Russia.
India ka 1st satallite-Aryabhatta.
U.S. ka 1st successful satellite:Explore-I.
NASDAQ mein listed hone wali India ki first IT company?
Nirupama Patel k naam par rakha gaya famous Indian brand?
. Raj. mein Max. Area wala Zila- Jaisalmer.
Min. Area wala Zila: Dholpur.
Max. Area wala Sambhag: Jodhpur.
Min. Area wala Sambhag: Bharatpur.
DNA was first discovered in 1869 by Swiss Friedrich Mieschler.
The first Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) was Established in Kharagpur.
Sanchi Stupa kisne banwaya-Ashoka.
Mughal Samrajya ka antim Sashak-Bahadur Shah Jafar.
Bharat Ratna pane wali 1st Mahila-Indira Gandhi.
Largest Zoo:Kruger National Park(South Africa).
Biggest Flower:Rafflesia.
Largest Bird:Ostrich.
Highest Airport:Leh.
Highest Mountain Range:Himalayas.
Highest Lake:Titicaca.
Longest Railway Platform:Kharagpur.
Largest Church:Basilica of St. Peters(Vatican City)
India ki 1st computer literate Panchayat-Vellanad(Kerala).
Auhor of ‘My Truth’- Indira Gandhi.
Father of Indian Civil Service-Cornwallis.
World mein sabse jyada Coffee utpadak desh
Country of Copper
Japan’s old name
India mein Volestonite utpadan mein Raj. first hai.
Bhilwara k Bigod aur Mandalgarh k madhya Banas, Bedach & Menal rivers ka sangam hota hai.

Current Affairs 2011

Babar of British India’ k naam se kise jana jata tha?
“Robert Clive” 

World ka Longest highway kaunsa hai?

Kota k sansthapak:Madho Singh.
Jaipur ka old name:Jainagar.
Manaw Kankal mein haddiyon ki sankhya kitni hai? (RAS-98)
Raj. k kis Rajwade ne Blue Pottery ko sarankshan diya? (RAS98)
Raj. mein Sadakon ki Min. density wala zila?
Jawai Bandh(Pali) ki niwn kab rakhi gayi?
Shardul Khel Vidyalaya kahan hai?(Police07)
Gogaji ki Janamsthali?
Rampuriya Haweliyan kahan hai?
Father of Sanskrit Grammar
Kaunsi building India ka first ISO-certified ‘Niwas Sthan’ hai?
“Rashtrapati Bhawan”
12 Aug 2011 ko Pokran k nikat ‘Ajasar’ gaon Mein BRAHMOS missile ka parikshan kiya gaya.
Raj. Ki 1st Hi-tech panchayat: Budania(Jhn).
‘In the line of fire’ k writer- Parwej Musarraf.
India ka Rastriya Virasar Pashu: Hathi.
Paryavaran Niti jari karne wala Raj., India ka 1st state h.
Raj. Mein Single Window Act 1 Jan 2011 se lagu.
Mote Anaj utpadan mein Raj. 1st.
Raj. University ki sthapana-8 Jan 1947.
Kis saal ‘House of the people’ ka naam badal kar ‘Lok Sabha’ kiya gaya?
Banswara k sansthapak-Jagmal Singh.
Aadiwasiyon ka sahar-Banswara.
Banswara k Bajaj Sagar Dam ka nirman-Mahi nadi pe.
Banswara me Rail Marg Nahi.
Raj. ka ekmatra District jis se koi National Highway nahi gujarta?
Raj. mein Vanaspati Ghee ka First karkhana kahan?
Bharat Ispat Pradhikaran ki sthapana kab hui?
Punjab ka kaunsa sthan Hosery udyog k liye famous hai?
The Permanent Members of United Nations are 5
1. China
2. France
3. Russia
4. Britan
5. America
The United Nations has Six Official Languages.
1. French
2. Russian
3. English
4. Spanish
5. Chinese
6. Arabic
Who was the first recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke Award?
“Devika Rani”
Which is the Brightest Planet?
“Venus” It is known as ‘Morning Star’
‘Hamsa Damayanti’ painting kiski kriti hai?
“Raja Ravi Varma”
Bhopal Gas Tragedy mein kis gas ka risaw hua tha?
“Methyl Isocyanate”
Aditya Cement Ltd. kahan hai(RPSC08)?
Mandan kis durg ka shilpi tha(EO08)?
Veer SavarkarAirport kahan h-Port Blair
Talabshahi Jheel kis District mein hai?
Bhitti Chitra ki dristhi se kahan ki Haweliyan famous hai?
Bermuda Triangle’ kis Ocean mein hai?
“North Atlantic Ocean”
India ki Tat-Rekha ki lambai- 6100 KM.
Ghaghar nadi ka Paat ‘Naali’ kahlata hai.
Raj. mein Chandan k forest kin Districts mein h?
“Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Rajsamand”
Sagwan k Forest kahan?
“Baran, Banswara”
Nepanagar(MP) kis Udyog k liye famous hai?
“Akhbari Kagaz”

General Knowledge- Indian History

The statue of Gomateshwara at Sravanabelagola was built by—
(A) Chandragupta Maurya
(B) Kharvela
(C) Amoghavarsha
(D) Chamundaraya
Ans : (D)

2. ‘Live well, as long as you live. Live well even by borrowings, for once cremated, there is no return’. The rejection of after life is an aphorism of the—
(A) Kapalika sect
(B) Sunyavada of Nagarjun
(C) Ajivikas
(D) Charvakas
Ans : (D)

3. Which one of the following usages was a post-Vedic development ?
(A) Dharma-Artha-Kama-Moksha
(B) Brahmana-Kshatriya-Vaishya-Shudra
(C) Brahmacharya-Grihasthashrama-Vanaprastha-Sanyasa
(D) Indra-Surya-Rudra-Marut
Ans : (C)

4. The capital of the kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh was—
(A) Amritsar 
(B) Patiala
(C) Lahore 
(D) Kapurthala
Ans : (C) 

5. In the Gandhara sculptures the preaching mudra associated with the Buddha’s First Sermon at Sarnath is—
(A) Abhaya 
(B) Dhyana
(C) Dharmachakra 
(D) Bhumisparsa
Ans : (C)

6. The name of the poet Kalidas is mentioned in the—
(A) Allahabad pillar inscription
(B) Aihole inscription
(C) Alapadu grant
(D) Hanumakonda inscription
Ans : (B)

7. Zero was invented by—
(A) Aryabhatta 
(B) Varahamihira
(C) Bhaskara I 
(D) An unknown Indian
Ans : (D)

8. Which one of the following important trade centres of ancient India was on the trade route connecting Kalyana with Vengi ?
(A) Tagara 
(B) Sripura
(C) Tripuri 
(D) Tamralipti
Ans : (A)

9. The first Indian ruler who joined the subsidiary Alliance was—
(A) The Nawab of Oudh
(B) The Nizam of Hyderabad
(C) Peshwa Baji Rao II
(D) The king of Travancore
Ans : (B)

10. Vidhushaka, a common character in Sanskrit drama is invariably a—
(A) Brahmana 
(B) Kshatriya
(C) Vaishya 
(D) Shudra
Ans : (A)

11. Toramana belonged to the ethnic horde of the—
(A) Scythians 
(B) Hunas
(C) Yue-chis 
(D) Sakas
Ans : (B)

12. Who among the following is said to have witnessed the reigns of eight Delhi Sultans ?
(A) Ziauddin Barani
(B) Shams-i-siraj Afif
(C) Minhaj-us-siraj
(D) Amir Khusrau
Ans : (D)

13. The first Indian ruler to organize Haj pilgrimage at the expense of the state was—
(A) Alauddin Khilji 
(B) Feroz Tughlaq
(C) Akbar 
(D) Aurangzeb
Ans : (C)

14. Who among the following ladies wrote a historical account during the Mughal period ?
(A) Gulbadan Begum
(B) Noorjahan Begum
(C) Jahanara Begum
(D) Zebun-nissah Begum
Ans : (A)

15. The first to start a joint stock company to trade with India were the—
(A) Portuguese 
(B) Dutch
(C) French 
(D) Danish
Ans : (B)

16. The caves and rock-cut temples at Ellora are—
(A) Buddhist
(B) Buddhist and Jain
(C) Hindu and Jain
(D) Hindu, Buddhist and Jain
Ans : (D)

17. The significance of the Bengal Regulation of 1793 lies in the fact that—
(A) It provided for the establishment of the Supreme court
(B) It restricted the application of English law to Englishmen only
(C) It accommodated the personal laws of Hindus and Muslims
(D) It provided for the appointment of the Indian Law Commission
Ans : (C)

18. The Mansabdari system introduced by Akbar was borrowed from the system followed in—
(A) Afghanistan 
(B) Turkey
(C) Mongolia 
(D) Persia
Ans : (C)

19. Which one of the following monuments has a dome which is said to be one of the largest in the world ?
(A) Tomb of Sher Shah, Sasaram
(B) Jama Masjid, Delhi
(C) Tomb of Ghiyas-ud-din Tuglaq, Delhi
(D) Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur
Ans : (D)

20. Ashtapradhan was a Council of Ministers—
(A) In the Gupta administration
(B) In the Chola administration
(C) In the Vijaynagar administration
(D) In the Maratha administration
Ans : (D)

21. The concept of Anuvrata was advocated by—
(A) Mahayana Buddhism
(B) Hinayana Buddhism
(C) Jainism
(D) The Lokayata School
Ans : (C)

22. Which one of the following territories was not affected by the revolt of 1857 ?
(A) Jhansi 
(B) Jagdishpur
(C) Lucknow 
(D) Chittor
Ans : (D)

23. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched ?
(A) Battle of Buxar— Mir Jafar Vs Clive
(B) Battle of Wandiwash—French Vs East India Company
(C) Battle of Chelianwala—Dalhousie Vs Marathas
(D) Battle of Kharda—Nizam Vs East India Company
Ans : (B)

24. The word ‘Hindu’ as reference to the people of Hind (India) was first used by—
(A) The Greeks 
(B) The Romans
(C) The Chinese 
(D) The Arabs
Ans : (A)

25. Hughly was used as a base for piracy in the Bay of Bengal by—
(A) The Portuguese 
(B) The French
(C) The Danish 
(D) The British
Ans : (A)

General Knowledge- Quzi

1. Who authored the book ‘The Science of Bharat Natyam’?
(a) Saroja Vaidyanathan         (b) Yamini Krishnamurthi ( c) J. Sushila (d) None of these
Answer a;
2.International Day for Disaster Reduction is observed on:
(a) 9th August (b) 13th October (c) 24th November (d) 11th December
3. Tianhe 1A, the world’s fastest supercomputer is made by
(a) United States (b) Japan  (c) China  (d) None of these
 Answer :c
4. Which is India’s first ever Pollution Control Warship?
(a) Samudra Prahari  (b) Nischaya  (c) Varuna  (d) None of these
5. Who became India’s youngest grandmaster?
(a) Parimarjan Negi  (b) Dronavali Harika  (c) Praveen Thipse  (d) S P Sethuraman
6. K C Kulich International Award is associated with:
(a) Medicine    (b) Economics  (c) Journalism  (d) Sports
7. ‘Open’ is the autobiography of which sports personality?
(a) Adam Gilchrest     b) Glenn Merges  (c) Andre Agassiz  (d) None of these
8. World Cup Football in 2022 is to be held at:
(a) Qatar  (b) UK  (c) Spain  (d) France
9. Who is the first head of UN WOMEN?
(a) Laura Chinchilla  (b) Julia Gillard  (c) Mitchell blachettt  (d) None of these
10.Which of the following committee is related to Corporatisation of Stock Exchanges?
(a) Bimal Jalan Committee  (b) V Achuthan Committee  (c) P M Nair Committee              (d) None of these
11. Which is India’s newest stock exchange for currency derivatives
 (a) BSE          (b) NSE  (c) United Stock Exchange (USE)  (d) None of these
Answer :c
12. Jeevan Reddy Committee is related to
(a)Illegal mining             (b) Armed Forces Special Power Act  (c) Environmental Impact Assessment  (d) None of these
13. Which of the following scheme is related with social security for unorganised sector?
(a) Swabhiman           (b) Sabla  (c) Swavalamban  (d) None of these
14. Polavaram Project is located in which state?
(a) Andhra Pradesh                            (b) Maharashtra  (c) Madhya Pradesh           (d) Karnataka
 15. David Perlman Award is given in which field?
(a) Sports        (b) Music  (c) Photography     (d) Journalism
16.Which of the following committee has redefined the definition of Slums?
(a) Pranab Sen Committee(b) Arjun Sen gupta committee  (c) C Ibrahim Committee (d) None of these
17. Arrow-III is an anti missile system of
(a) France (b) Pakistan (c) Israel       (d) UK
18. India’s first jail BPO is going to came up at:
(a) Bangalore  (b) Pune  (c) Chennai             (d) Hyderabad
19.World’s first aviation university coming up at:
(a) Bangalore  (b) Nice          (c) Glasgow     (d) Venice
Answer: a
20. Khoj lab has been launched by which group?
(a) Future Group (b) dell  (c) IBM     d) Times group
21. Which of the following became the first smoke free state in India?
(a) Sikkim  (b) Himachal Pradesh  (c) Uttarakhand (d) None of these
22. Lightest element:- Hydrogen
Only Metal liquid at room temperature:- Hg Mercury
Tungsten symbol –W
Tin –Sn
Element with maximum number of compounds –Carbon ( due to catenation)
22. Which of the following became the Ist Asian Country to sign Free Trade Agreement with European Union?
(a) South Korea                      (b) China         (c) India                       (d) None of these
23. The Emissary’ is the book authored by:
(a) Tarun Tejpal                      b) Vinod Mehta  (c) Aniruddh Bahl  (d) None of these
24. Who is the new PM of Netherlands?
(a) Mark Ruttea   (b) Bill Carey       (c) Thakshin Sinawatra   (d) None of these
25. Who is the new PM of Kosovo?
(a) Hashim Taci               (b) N K Name Krumoh  (c) Jose Borosso d) None of these
26. Who is the chairman of National Democratic Front of Bodoland?
(a) Paresh Barna        (b) Aravind Rajakhowa  (c) Ranjan Daimary             (d) None of these
27. With which of the following countries India has not signed civil nuclear agreement?
(a) Namibia  (b) Sweden  c) Mongolia           (d) Argentina
28. Who is the PM of Sweden?
(a) Fredrick Rainfeldt  (b) Silvio Berlusconi  (c) Garry Wanders       (d) None of these
29. APEC Summit in November 2010 was held at  :
(a) Yokohama (b) Sydney                  (c) Singapore                          (d) Busan
Answer a;
30. Which public sector bank was the banking partner in Commonwealth Games 2010?
(a) Central Bank of India        (b) State Bank of India    (c) Bank of Baroda             (d) None of these
31. Who is the new vice chief of army staff?
(a) V.K. Singh (b) A.S. Lamba  (c) C. Shekhawat                 (d) None of these
Answer :b
32. Who has became the vice president of ICC?
(a) Ehsaan Mani                     (b) John Mulford  (c) Alan Isaac                                 (d) Molcom Speed
Answer: c
33. Who is the Director General of National Investigation Agency ?
(a) R.V. Raju   (b) Ved Marwah  (c) K.F. Rustomji                (d) Sharad Chandra Sinha
34. Who is the Director of National Security Guard?
(a) R.K. Medhekar      (b) J.K Dutt   (c) B.K. Banerjee                      (d) None of these
35. Who of the following Indian got the Australia Day achievement medal 2010?
(a) V.P. Unnikrishnan             (b) Sandeep Pandey   (c) Vandana Shiva                 (d) None of these
Answer: a
36. Which of the following country became the 187th member of IMF?
(a) Marshall Islands     (b) Tuvalu     (c) Fiji     (d) None of these
 Answer: b
37. India’s second National Institute of Design will come up at which of the following
(a) Amethi       (b) Jorahat        (c) Aizowl   (d) Itanagar
Ans- b
38. Benghazi is a port of :
(a) Libya          (b) Yemen            (c) Egypt                            (d) None of these
39. Jakhol Sankri Hydro Electric Project has been commissioned at
(a) Uttarakhand           (b) Himachal Pradesh    (c) J&K        (d) Arunachal Pradesh
Answer: a
Answer: a
40. ‘Home Boy’ is a novel written by
(a) H M Naqvi (b) H S Narula  (c) Anand Sarkar       d) Stephen Lipsett
 Ans- a
41. Pravasi Bhartiya Divas in 2011 was held at:
(a) Jaipur         (b) New Delhi    (c) Ujjain                               (d) Varanasi
 Answer :b
42. 98th Indian Science Congress in January 2011 was held at:
(a) Chennai     (b) Kharagpur     (c) Kanpur              (d) Delhi
Ans – a
43. Who of the following is the present Lokayukta of Karnataka:
(a) N Vittal                               (b) Santosh Hegde  (c) Yashwant Sonawane(d) None of these
44. Georgia’s capital is to be shifted from Tbilisi to:
(a) Akhan        (b) Yeren     (c) Kutaisi                                    (d) Chisinau
45.  Which country topped the Terrorism Risk Index in 2010:
(a) Somalia     b) Samoa    (c) Jamaica                     (d) Iraq
46. Which district is going to be named after Indira Gandhi?
(a) Medak                               (b) Rai Bareli
(c) Chikmaglur                                    (d) Bellary
47. Who received the Elis Island Medal of Honour in 2010?
(a) Dalai Lama                                    (b) Zinedine Zidene
(c) Rao Anumlu                                  (d) B K Varghese
48. Enam Securities is to be purchased by:
(a) Union Bank of India                                   (b) BNP Paribas
(c) ANZ Grindlays                               (d) Axis Bank
Answer: d
49. Which famous personality bagged the Man of Peace Award in 2010?
(a) Roberto Baggio                 (b) Diegs Maradona
(c) Pope John Paul II              (d) None of these
50. Who is the new National Security Advisor of United States?
(c) W Singham                        (b) Thomas Donilon
(a) Colin Powell                       (b) Larry Page
51. Who is the new president of UN General Assembly?
(a) Joseph Deiss                     (b) Hans Rasmus Sen
(c) Leon Panetta                     (d) None of these
52. Luka and Fire of Life is the latest book by:
(a) Arun Som                          (b) Salman Rushdie
(c) Vikram Seth                                  (d) None of these
53. What is the name of India’s latest and Seventh Super Computer?
(a) Annapurna                         (b) Param
(c) Pinak                                 (d) None of these
54. Tembli became the first village in India to get UID. In which state it is located?
(a) Andhra Pradesh                (b) Chattisgarh
(c) Maharashtra                                  (d) None of these
55.Who has been declared the ‘Business Leader of the year’ in Economic Times Corporate Excellence Awards 2010?
(a) Aditya Puri                         (b) N Nrayanmurthy
(c) Azim Premji                                   (d) Mukesh Ambani
56. What is the mascot of 2011 cricket world cup?
(a) Hoho                                  (b) Cobe
(c) Stumpy                              (d) None of these
57. SAF (South Asian Federation) games in 2012 will be held at
(a) Kathmandu                                           (b) Delhi
(c) Bangalore                                 (d) None of these
58. Agni III was launched from which of the following places:
(a) Wheeler Island                   (b) Sriharikota
(c) Bikaner                              (d) None of these
Answer a;
59. Who of the following is the Chairperson of National Green Tribunal?
(a) Lokeshwar Singh Parata   (b) Anil Pandey
(c) K Vijay Kumar                   (d) None of these
60. Which Indian Company is slated to buy the English football club Blackburn?
(a) U B groups                        (b) RPG
(c) Videocon               (d) Vicky
Answer : d
61. Who is the Union Minister of Corporate Affairs?
(a) Murali Deora                      (b) Jaipal Reddy
(c) C P Joshi                           (d) M S Gill
Answer: a
62. Who is the new President Elect of BCCI?
(a) Chirayu Amin                    (b) Jyotiraditya Schindia
(c) Shashank manohar                       (d) Jagmohan Dalmia
63. Karrar is the unmaned bomber aircraft of which country?
(a) Iran                                    (b) Syria
(c) Israel                      (d) None of these
64. Who is the CMD of Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited?
(a) S K Jain                 (b) Harsh Marital
(c) Oskar Singh                      (d) None of these
Answer: a
65. Who is the Director of Intelligence Bureau?
(a) Rajeev Mathur                   (b) Nehchal Sandhu
(c) Saikat Dutta                       (d) None of these
 Answer: b
66. Ramagundanar thermal power project is in which state?
a) Andhra Pradesh                  (b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Kerala                                (d) Karnataka
Ans- a
67. Project Big Green has been initiated by which company?
(a) Microsoft               (b) Apple
(c) Infosys                   (d) IBM
68. Vansadhara River dispute is between which states?
(a) Orissa and Andhra Pradesh          (b) Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
(c) Kerala and Tamil Nadu     (d) None of these
Answer: a
69. Who is the Chairperson of National Housing Board?
(a) B N Kapoor                        (b) Mata Prasad
(c) R B Verma                        (d) None of these
Ans- c
70. Who is India’s permanent representative to United Nations?
(a) Hardeep Singh Puri                       (b) M.K. Agnihotri
(c) Vijay Pasricha                   (d) None of these
Answer :a
71. Who is the principal scientific advisor to Government of India?
(a) R. Chidambaram               (b) V.K. Saraswat
(c) T.K. Thomas                                  (d) None of these
Ans – a
72. Who is the Chairman of Central Water Commission?
(a) Balraj Madhok                   (b) A.K. Bajaj
(c) Shivran Puri                       (d) None of these
Ans – b
73. Who is the Deputy National Security Advisor?
(a) Shiv Shankar Menon                    (b) M.K. Narayanan
(c) Shekhar Dutt                     (d) None of these
74. Aligarh Muslim University is going to set its new campus at:
(a) Saharanpur                                    (b) Meerut
(c) Murshidabad                      (d) Azamgarh
75. Who is the new Chairperson of National Commission for Backward classes?
(a) M.N. Rao                           (b) T.K. Maken
(c) Ram Singh Senbar                        (d) None of these
76. Who is the Chairperson of 19th Law Commission?
(a) P.V. Reddy                        (b) A.K. Lakshmanan
(c) K.R. Kurup             (d) None of these
77. Who is the Chairman of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights?
(a) Buta Singh                         (b) M.K. Kurup
(c) Shanta Sinha                     (d) Dheeraj Rohatgi
78. Mini Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas in October 2010 was held at:
(a) Cape Town                                    (b) Durban
(c) Johannesburg                    (d) None of these
Answer: b
79. G-8 summit in June 2010 was held at:
(a) Ontario                   (b) Vancouver
(c) Huntsville               (d) Quebec
80. Who is the CEO of Twitter?
(a) Dick Costello                     (b) Jorma Olila  (c) Allan Bolt (d) None of these
81. Which country topped the Global Peace Index Report in 2010?
(a) New Zealand                     (b) Iceland
(c) Denmark                           (d) Sweden
82. Who of the following is the recipient of Turner Prize 2010?
(a) Alex Rodriques                  (b) Sergie Bryan
(c) Susan Philipsz                   (d) None of these
83. Who is the Chairperson of Railway Board?
(a) Vivek Sahay                                  (b) J P Batra
(c) D P Aggarwal                    (d) None of these
84. Who of the following is the recipient of Cervantes Prize 2010?
(a) John Stocker                     (b) Ana Maria
(c) C Andrew Stephen                        (d) None of these  
85. Who founded the Telangana Praja Front in October 2010?
(a) G V Rao                (b) K Chandrashekhar Rao
(c) N Srinivas              (d) None of these
86. M. B. Shah Commission is related to:
(a) Illegal mining                      (b) Agricultural Statistics
(c) Microfinance Institutions   (d) None of these
87. Who is the secretary General of Rajya Sabha?
(a) T.K. Vishwanathan                        (b) Vivek Agnihotri
(c) V.K. Gupta                         (d) None of these


Independence Day – general knowledge

15th August 1947, the Independence Day of India is a very important and memorable day in Indian History. This was the day when India became free from the colonial rule of the British. It was at the stroke at midnight when the first Prime Minister of the nation, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru announced that the independence of the country and unfurled our tricolor flag. It was the end of the British rule which existed in India for almost 3 centuries.

15th August from then is celebrated as Independence Day every year which reminds of the formation of a sovereign country India which is amongst the biggest democracies in the world. It is a national holiday. The day is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and joy all across the country. The ceremony starts with the flag hoisting at the Red Fort in Delhi. The occasion is grand with thousands of spectators present at the moment. The Prime Minister then addresses the nation. He speaks about the past, present and future of the nation, the advancement of the country in every sphere. The government institutions are lighted up and decorated. The day is celebrated with flag hoisting and cultural programmes all across the state capitals.

In schools, the day is celebrated with the flag hoisting ceremony, speeches, distribution of sweets and parades. Moreover, it is celebrated by both private and public institutions all across the nation. At the private institutions the honor is of hoisting is done by the senior most person and in the public institutions it is done by the politicians of the respective constituencies.

Channels across the country including media, telecast programmes and movies depicting the freedom struggle or documentaries portraying the life of the freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose and many more.

However, the freedom of the nation came along with the partition of a Hindu India and Islamic Pakistan. The partition was announced by Lord Louis Mountbatten on June 3rd 1947 which was termed as the Mountbatten Plan. 14.5 million people migrated from both the countries during this period.

The extravagant celebrations across the country brings about a patriotic and feeling of Indian-ness amongst the citizens.

General Knowledge- First in India

1. British Governor General of Bengal Warren Hastings
2. Governor General of Independent India Lord Mountbatten
 3. Commander-in-chief of Free India General Roy Bucher
 4. Cosmonaut Sqn. Ldr. Rakesh Sharma
 5. Emperor of Moghul Dynasty in India Babar
 6. Field Marshal S. H. F. J. Manekshaw
 7. Indian Governor General of Indian Union C. Rajagopalachari
 8. Indian I.C.S. Officer Satyendra Nath Tagore
 9. Indian Member of Viceroy’s Executive Council Sri S.P. Sinha
 10. Indian to swim across English Channel Mihir Sen
 11. Indian woman to swim across-English Channel Miss Arati Saha
12. Man to climb Mount Everest Tenzing Norgay
 13. Man to climb Mount Everest without Oxygen Phu Dorjee
 14. Man to climb Mount Everest twice Nwang Gombu
 15. Nobel Prize winner Rabindra Nath Tagore
16. President of Indian National Congress W. C. Banerjee
 17. President of Indian Republic Dr. Rajendra Prasad
 18. Talkie Film Alam Ara (1931)
 19. Test Tube Baby (Documented) Indira
 20. Viceroy of India Lord Canning
 21. Woman Minister of Indian Union Rajkumari Amrit Kaur
 22. Woman Chief Minister of State Mrs. Sucheta Kriplani
 23. Woman Governor Mrs. Sarojini Naidu
 24. Woman President of Indian National Congress Dr. Annie Besant
 25. Woman Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi
 26. Woman Speaker of a State Assembly Mrs. Shanno Devi
 27. Prime Minister of India Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru
 28. Muslim President of Indian Union Dr. Zakir Hussain
 29. Speaker of Lok Sabha G. V. Mavlankar
30. Woman to climb mount Everest Bachhendri Pal
31. Woman Judge in Supreme Court Mrs. Meera Sahib Fatima Biwi
32. Woman Chief Justice of a High Court Smt. Leela Seth
33. Indian Woman to go in space (Now U.S. Citizen) Kalpana Chawla
34. The first Indian weightlifter to win bronze medal in Olympics Karnam Malleshwari
(Sydney, in 2000)
35. The First Indian World Chess Champion Vishwanathan Anand
36. India’s first paperless Newspaper The News Today
(Launched on Jan. 3, 2001)
37. India’s First woman Merchant Navy Officer Sonali Banerjee
38. The first Dalit Speaker of the Lok Sabha G. M. C. Balyogi
39. The first Vice-President of India to die in harness Krishna Kant
40. The first Indian woman cricketer to score double century Mithali Raj (August 2002 playing
 against England)
41. The first woman Air Vice-Marshal P. Bandopadhyaya
42. The first Indian to be appointed as United Nations Civilian Police Advisor Ms. Kiran Bedi
43. The first astronaut of Indian origin to perish aboard U.S. space shuttle in a tragic accident Dr. Kalpana Chawla
(Columbia space shuttle, Feb. I, 2003)
44. The first woman to be appointed Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India K. J. Udeshi
(appointed on June 10, 2003)
45. The first Indian girl to register a win in a Wimbledon tournament Sania Mirza (2003)
46. The first Indian lady to win a medal in World Athletic Championship Anju Bobby George (Aug. 2003)
47. The first woman Chairman and Managing Director of NABARD Mrs. Ranjana Kumar
48. The highest individual test scorer of India Virendra Sehwag ( 309 runs in the
 first test in Multan against Pakistan)
49. The first Indian cricketer to make double centuries five times Rahul Drgvid (playing test against
Pakistan in Pakistan in. April 2004)
50. The first Orissa woman to top I.A.S. Smt. Roopa Misra
(Indian Civil Services Exam., 2003)
51. The first Sikh Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh
52. The first woman Director General of Police of a State Kanchan C. Bhattacharya
(DGP Uttaranchal)
53. The first woman to be appointed as the crime branch chief MeeriJ Borwankar (took over as crime branch chief of Mumbai police)
54. The first woman to reach the rank of Lt. General in the Indian army Puneeta Arora (Commandant, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune)
55. The first Indian to cross seven important seas by swimming Bula Chaudhury
56. The first woman to become Indian Air Force’s first woman Air Marshal Air Marshal Padma Bandhopadhyay
57. The first youngest MP, at the age of 25 years Dharmendra Yadav
(Mainpuri : Samajwadi Party MP)
58. India’s first woman athlete to win WTA open Tennis title Sania Mirza (Feb. 2005, Hyderabad)
59. The first Indian to set a world record of ever having reached the highest
of heights yet in a hot balloon
Vijaypath Singhania
(Nov. 26, 2005. 69852 ft.)
60. The first wonder child of Orissa only about 4 years and a half of age completes a race of 65 km. Budhia (May 2006)
61. The first woman Commissioner of Police of an Indian metro (Chennai Metro Police) Letika Saran
62. The first Indian to Ski to the North Pole Ajeet Bajaj (April 26, 2006)
63. The first sportsman ever to win Gold Medal in Shooting in the World Shooting Championship Abhinav Bindra (July 24, 2006)
64. The first person of Indian origin to win the Miss Great Britain title Preeti Desai (2006)
65. The first woman President of the Republic of India Pratibha Patil
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Gereral Knowledge, Current GK- जीडीपी मामले में यह हैं भारत के 5 सबसे अमीर राज्य

जीडीपी मामले में यह हैं भारत के 5 सबसे अमीर राज्य

यह राज्य न केवल भारतीय जीडीपी में एक बड़ी हिस्सेदारी रखते हैं बल्कि देश का अधिकतर रेवेन्यू इन्ही राज्यों से आता है। यह राज्य प्राकृतिक संसाधनों के साथ औद्योगिक क्षेत्र में भी कहीं आगे हैं जीडीपी के मामले में भारत का सबसे अमीर राज्य हैं-

महाराष्ट्र- यह भारत का सबसे रईस राज्य हैं और दूसरा सबसे बड़ा शहरी राज्य। यह भारत का दूसरा सबसे बड़ा जनसंख्या और क्षेत्रफल के लिहाज से तीसरा सबसे बड़ा राज्य है। देश के कुल रेवेन्यू का 40 फीसदी महाराष्ट्र से आता है जबकि 15 फीसदी इंडस्ट्रीयल आउटपुट में महाराष्ट्र का योगदान है। महाराष्ट्र की जीडीपी 8,451 अरब रुपए की है जबकि प्रति व्यक्ति आय 69,627 रुपए है।

उत्तर प्रदेश- यह भारत का सबसे ज्यादा जनसंख्या वाला राज्य है इस राज्य में छोटे स्तर पर कई इंडस्ट्रीज काम कर रही हैं जिनसे बड़ी संख्या में सरकार को रेवेन्यू मिलता है। सर्विस सेक्टर का भी बड़ा योगदान है लेकिन सबसे ज्यादा रेवेन्यू टूरिज्म सेक्टर से आता है यूपी की कुल जीडीपी 4,874 अरब रुपए है इस राज्य में प्रति व्यक्ति आय 21,670 रुपए है।

आंन्ध्र प्रदेश- यह भारत का चौथा सबसे बड़ा राज्य है इस राज्य को सबसे ज्यादा रेवेन्यू अपने सर्विस सेक्टर से मिलता है मिनरल वेल्थ के मामले में आन्ध्र प्रदेश भारत में दूसरे स्थान पर है। इस राज्य की कुल जीडीपी 4,456 अरब रुपए है जबकि प्रति व्यक्ति आय 47,824 रुपए।

तमिलनाडू- यह भारत का सबसे ज्यादा साक्षर राज्य है इस राज्य में औद्योगिकीकरण बड़ी तेजी से बढ़ा है। कई बड़ी कार कंपनियों के प्लांट तमिलना्डू में है जिसमें निसान, फोर्ड, बीएमड्ब्लूय आदि प्रमुख है तमिलनाडू की कुल जीडीपी 4,350 अरब रुपए है और प्रति व्यक्ति आय 59,947 रुपए।

गुजरात- यह भारत का सबसे तेजी से विकास करने वाला राज्य हैं यहां कई तरह के उद्योग फल फूल रहे हैं दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी जामनगर रिफाइनरी इसी राज्य में है। देश में सूरत हीरा व्यापार का सबसे बड़ा केन्द्र है। गुजरात की जीडीपी 4,025 अरब रुपए की है जबकि प्रति व्यक्ति आय 59,947 रुपए।