RAS GK and General Science 2008 Paper Solved

RAS GK and General Science 2008 Paper Solved

Here is the solution of Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) 2008 G.K. and General Science paper conducted today on 7th January 7, 2009.

Some questions are doubtful and I am clarifying with resources I have with me and if you have any doubts or correction in any of these, you are most welcome to comment and your comments will be credited and appreciated.


  1. The numbers are according to ‘C’ series
  2. Questions in violet colour are doubtful
  3. Answers are in red colour

Questions with Answers :

  1. Function of colonization in Rajasthan : to allot land *(see comment)
  2. Ashtadhyayi : Panini
  3. Million plus cities in India ( Census 2001 ) : 39
  4. Art style with Indian and Greek feature : Gandhar
  5. Jal durga : Gagron
  6. Inscription which throw light on the writings of Maharana Kumbha : Rajprashahsti 1676 see comments
  7. Mahajanapada situated on the bank of river Godavari : Assaka
  8. Most stable ecosystem : Marine
  9. Macroeconomic developments under various programmes launched by state government in Rajasthan : Sujas/ Economic Review *see comments
  10. First women ‘ Four Star General’ Anne Dun Woody
  11. Coral Reefs : east and west coast see comments
  12. Raika’s in Rajasthan : traditional camel breeder
  13. Who represented Congress in second round Table Conference : Mahatma Gandhi
  14. Common among Brahma samaj, Ram Krishna Mission and Arya Samaj : none of these three had a political mission but they helped to develop a spirit of patriotism
  15. Monsoon rainfall in Rajasthan increases : South west to North East NE to SW(*see comments : I agree with the reason)
  16. Not a seven sisters of North East states : West Bengal
  17. Rajasthan born industrialist contributed a sum of Rs 22,000 in 1920 to C V Raman’s path breaking research which won him the Nobel prize : GD Birla (* see comments , thanks Harman)
  18. National Water Development Agency : 1980(1982)
  19. Kandhmal : Orissa
  20. Port Pardeep : Orissa
  21. Organisation to advise the government on reforms in economic matters : Economic Policy and reforms Council
  22. Nathra ki Pal area of Rajasthan Iron ore
  23. Per capita income of Rajasthan during 2007-08 : 20,000 (19,920) 22,000 see comments
  24. Vamsa Bhaskar : Surajmal Misran
  25. Mammoth is the ancestor of Elephant
  26. Marwari forces sent to Khanwa to support Sanga against Babur see comments
  27. Flood in Kawas in Barmer : 2006
  28. ‘The Manchester of Rajasthan’ : Bhilwara
  29. First session of Rajputana Madhyabharat Sabha in 1919 : Delhi (in fact it was in 1918)
  30. RIDCOR : Road Infrastructure Development Company of Rajasthan
  31. Mahakma Baqoit to pay king’s dues(*see comments, thanks Harman)
  32. Metallic cups reached room temperature Cup in Churu *(See comments)
  33. Sea water converted into pure water : Reverse Osmosis
  34. Booker’s Prize 2008 : Arvind Adiga
  35. Khariya, Raswani, Shobhala and Udisbhar are
  36. Bani Thani painting : Kishangarh school
  37. Shahpura (Bhilwara) Headquarter Ramsnehi
  38. President of South Africa after Thabo Mbeki : Kglema Motlanthe
  39. Person enters dark room from strong light area : Rhodospin change in the size of pupil *(see comment)
  40. United Nations General Assembly President : Miguel d’escoto
  41. National Institute of Design for Geographical Indicator status : Jaipur for Blue pottery and Udaipur for clay work
  42. Tick mark correct : Cimmco wagon factory restarted in Bharatpur after eight years
  43. Duty of union government to protect states against external aggression and internal disturbance : 355
  44. Finger lake region located in : USA
  45. Bio-magnification : increasing the amount of pesticides in the organisms of successive trophic level
  46. Pearl is constituted of calcium carbonate
  47. Mangla-Bhagyam, Shakti and Aishwarya are oil fields in barmer sanchore basin
  48. Handloom mark shows the standard of handloom clothes ??
  49. Not correct : Bureau of industrial Promotion is an agency for promotion of small scale industry projects
  50. Chairman of ISRO : G Madhavan Nair
  51. Least population density in Rajasthan : Jaisalmer
  52. Desert Development Programme : 1977-78
  53. Governor of West Bengal : Gopal Gandhi
  54. Hot Spot of biodiversity : eastern himalyas and western ghat
  55. Maitri Express train : Kolkata and Dhaka
  56. Alum cleans the muddy water by coagulation
  57. Acid formed during change of milk into curd lactic acid
  58. Heavy rainfall in pushkar, where does the flood occurs Ajmer Balotra(*see comments)
  59. Archaeopteryx is connecting link between reptiles and aves
  60. Atlas mountain Africa
  61. Adamya chetna trust, havells india ltd, HZLtd and DSCL Kota related Mid day meal programme
  62. Symbol of World Wild life fund is Red Panda
  63. India signed nuclear cooperation in Sep 2008 with France
  64. Suncity of rajasthan Jodhpur
  65. Azolla anabaena biofertilizer rice
  66. Diagnosis the death by drowning : Diatoms
  67. Nawalgadh(Sikar) Ginder utsav cement factory * see comments
  68. Andhayug dharma veer bharati
  69. NREGA incorrect : its only for SC and ST below poverty line
  70. Lasodiya movement for social reforms in Bhils of Mewar, Bagar and nearby regions Moti lal Tejawat Mavji*(see comment)
  71. Author of nyaya darshan : gautam
  72. Churu Bikaner siganganagar : Gypsum
  73. Dispute of Subhash bose : double membership of CSP members*(see comments)
  74. Chandrayan I was launched from Andhra Pradesh
  75. First DNA bank of India : Lucknow
  76. False statement : blue waves scattered more than violet waves
  77. Pheromones are founded in insects
  78. Highest forest area Baran Udaipur Chittor
  79. Electoral college for US Presidential Election : None of them
  80. Match list mewat : eight blocks of alwar, border area thirteen blocks…..
  81. The audacity of hope : Barack Obama
  82. Height of guru sikhar peak in rajasthan 1722
  83. Psyllium Husk(planto ovate) ‘Isabgol’ : Jalore
  84. Manomohan singh RS member from Assam
  85. Matching pair : Masuria sari : Kota
  86. Dhawadia were the persons : engaged in looting of caravans
  87. Incorrect about inflation : for some commodities retail prices also considered
  88. World’s youngest king : Bhutan
  89. Khas : sawaimadhopur, bharatpur, tonk
  90. Golden rice : Vitamin A
  91. Minamata disease : mercury
  92. Flame of the forest in Rajasthan : Palas
  93. Muslim league formed government after 1946 elections NW Frontier see comments
  94. Bull seal of Indus valley Mohenjodaro
  95. Bharat Ratna : Pandit Bhimsen Joshi
  96. Baxa Tiger Project : West Bengal ( in fact it is Buxa)
  97. Dyarchy at the centre : Government of India Act, 1935
  98. Jnan Pith on 06th November 2008 : Rehman Rahi
  99. Salt is added : Boiling point is increased and freezing point is decreased

100. Synthesis of polythene : Ethane(*I think it should be Ethene)

source http://CompetitionExam.com