General questions related to geography

When are days and nights equal throughout the globe?
– When sun is above the equator

What is the latitude of  South Pole?
– 90 degree

On globe, the latitude and longitude intersect at what angle?
– 90 degrees

From where the longest circle which can be drawn from earth’s surface will pass?
– Will pass through Equator

What will be the difference in longitudes between two places if heir time difference is 2 hours and 20 minutes?
35 degree

What happens when a ship crosses Date line from west to east?
– It loses one day

Which is the great circle on earth’s surface?
– The equator

Which countries are located on the Greenwich Meridian?
Algeria, Guinea, Iceland

Greenwich mean time (GMT) is the standard time of which country?

On which part of earth days and nights are of equal length always?
– Equator

Why the International Date Line makes slight deviation from 180 degree meridian?
– To divide Pacific Ocean in two halves

One degree of longitude on equator is equal to what distance?
69 miles

What is equal to latitude of a place?
Angle between the horizon and the equator

In how many time zones is U.S.A divided?
– 5

Latitude and longitude are at what angle to each other?
– Perpendicular to each other

What is the difference in time between two places 1 degree longitude apart?
– 4 minutes

How many lines are there in latitude and longitude?
– Latitude includes 180 lines and longitude has 360 lines because longitude connects  North Pole to South Pole and latitude is divided from east to west.

 What reference is taken to know the local time of a place?
– Longitudinal position

 In how many time zones is the World divided?
– 24

What is the time difference between IST and GMT?
– 5 hours 30 minutes

Watches of a country is set according to what time?
– Standard time of the country
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