General Knowledge Questions

1.Who is the present Attorney General of India?

A. Anil Kakodkar

B. Bala Krishnan

C. Soli Sorabji

D. Goolam Essaji Vahanvati

2.The highest peak in Nilagiri is called ?

A. Annapurna Peak

B. Gurushikar peak

C. Dodabetta

D. Gangothri

3.When was first asteroid found?

A. 1701

B. 1801

C. 1901

D. 1958

4.”Swan Hunter Shipyard”, which was acquired by Bharti Shipyard, is based in

A. Brazil

B. Singapore


5.What does the abbreviation IMF stand for?

A. International Maritime Funds

B. International Monetary Fund

C. International Mutual Funds

D. Indian Mutual Funds

6.What is the national animal of Turkey?

A. Grey Wolf

B. White-tailed Deer

C. Brown Bear

D. Zebra

7.What does ICMP stand for?

A. Internet Connection Modem Protocol

B. Intranet Control Message Program

C. Internal Conflict Management Program

D. Internet Control Message Protocol

8.In the Mahabharata, who was known as ‘Matsyagandhi’?

A. Satyavati

B. Draupadi

C. Kunti

D. Gandhari

9.`Satish Dhawan Space Centre’ is located at-

A. Vishakhapatnam

B. Goa

C. Shri Hari Kota

D. Chennai

10.Who was elected to the Lok Sabha from Mumbai North-West after Sunil Dutt demise?

A. Sanjay Dutt

B. Sanjay Nirupam

C. Priya Dutt

D. Namrata Dutt

11.Which is the place of worship for judaism?

A. Synagogue

B. First temple

C. No church or temple

D. Monastery

12.Which of the following UN agencies has its headquarters at Paris?





13.Which of the following British colonies became independent in 1947?

A. Hong Kong

B. India

C. Singapore

D. Mauritius

14.From the Constitution of which country was the concept of the Fundamental Rights in the Indian Constitution borrowed ?

A. Australia

B. South Africa

C. United Kingdom

D. United States of America

15.What is the approximate playing time of full version of ‘Jana Gana Mana’, the National Anthem of India ?

A. 42 seconds

B. 52 seconds

C. 62 seconds

D. 72 seconds

16.When did Afghanistan ends monarchy and became a republic?

A. 1949

B. 1973

C. 1965

D. 2000

17.The site of the third oldest civilisation after the Sumerian and Egyption, Mohenjo-daro, was Built in

A. 2500 BC

B. 2500-2000 BC

C. 2300 BC

D. 2200 BC

18.The control command of Army is located at

A. Pune

B. Udhampur

C. Lucknow

D. Mhow

19.Which is the muddiest river in the world?

A. Nile River, Africa

B. Amazon River, South America

C. Huang He, China

D. Ganga, India

20.Indian Finance Ministry on 11 April decided to issue biometric PAN cards to taxpayers across the country to erase the problem of duplicate and fake ones. Which Indian Finance Minister has first proposed the biometric PAN card?

A. Pranab Mukherjee

B. P Chidambaram

C. Jaswant Singh

D. Yashwant Sinha

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